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    We’ve all had our experiences in the Valley of Achor. We’ve all had our failures, and we’ve all made mistakes.…

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  • Can You Hear Me?

    Cell phones are great because they allow us to be in contact with others anywhere, any time. And more and more of us have come to depend on that ability. Did…

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    Anyone observing Jesus at work could see He was on a mission—like a farmer gathering the harvest. Because His disciples did not share His vision,…

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  • Portrait of a Mom!

    The prophet Samuel is one of the brightest lights in the Old Testament. He was the guiding force in Israel, surpassing the leadership of its kings.…

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The City

The City is Rosewood's private online social network. Here you can get connected to all that we are doing as a church which suits your needs.

Service Times

Our Sunday worship service is the best place to start your journey with Rosewood. Each Sunday, our goal is to help you meet God personally with a dynamic worship experience that includes uplifting music and biblical teaching that is applicable for your everyday life.

SUNDAYS - 9:00AM & 11:00AM