Life Groups

One of the first questions people ask themselves when coming to a
new church, is how do I get connected? For many, LifeGroups are
the place to start.

It is the fastest path in the church to building healthy and long lasting relationships.
Relationships are truely ‘the glue’ of life. And at Rosewood that is no different. We understand how important it is to have a network of friends you can trust with life’s deepest secrets or heaviest burden’s. It is for that reason we have established LifeGroups. 
LifeGroups are the ‘life blood’ of Rosewood...both for the benefit of those who may be experiencing all life has to throw at them as well as a means of creating entry points for those seeking to grow deeper in their faith, meeting regularly to study God’s Word, pray together and encourage one another....all while making some new friends along the way. 
The scriptures encourage us to embrace not only a relationship with Christ, but with one another and with our neighbouring community. And LifeGroups help us accomplish just that. 
We have LifeGroups for most any age group or vocational/social pool within the church. If you are looking for a way to connect, consider LifeGroups your point of entry into the life of Rosewood. So bring a friend, or just make one and ‘hang’ at the Park.
Service Times

Our Sunday worship service is the best place to start your journey with Rosewood. Each Sunday, our goal is to help you meet God personally with a dynamic worship experience that includes uplifting music and biblical teaching that is applicable for your everyday life.