RCMP Ministry

The RCMP Ministry is a way to connect RCMP members, New Recruits and their families. The RCMP Ministry is a way for members, recruits and their families to connect through small groups and fellowship.

The ministry is set up to be flexible and accommodating as RCMP schedules vary greatly. It's a great way for spouses to connect with others who understand your way of life, and the special emotions and situations being a RCMP family member demands. The Ministry also seeks church involvement and support for the members and their families. 
At Rosewood we desire to serve our RCMP community through various activities, these may include special events, special services or just a place where you can come and connect. For those recruits who desire to attend a church service please contact Rosewood so we can arrange a ride for you. 
We are honoured to give back to those who give of 
Service Times

Our Sunday worship service is the best place to start your journey with Rosewood. Each Sunday, our goal is to help you meet God personally with a dynamic worship experience that includes uplifting music and biblical teaching that is applicable for your everyday life.