Child Dedication

Child Dedication is a public testimony by parents acknowledging that their child is a gift from God and that they are responsible to instruct the child in the Word of God.  

What is Child Dedication?
The parents are publicly dedicating themselves to guide their child in Christian living and lead their child to seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 
It is an opportunity for family and friends as well as the entire congregation to publicly acknowledge their support of the parents in fulfilling their vows.
During the dedication service, a pastor prays for God's blessing upon the child. 
Steps Towards Child Dedication:
Register your child for dedication by contacting the office at 543-8233.
You will be asked to provide the following:
     1. Parent's names
     2. Child's first, middle and last name
     3. Child's birth date
     4. Place of birth (city, province/state)
     5. Picture of your child
     6. Which service you would like to have your child
         dedicated in.
You will also be asked to attend a meeting with our Lead 
Pastor and Pastor of Children's Ministries prior to your child's dedication.
Elements of a Child Dedication Service:
• A clear statement of the meaning and significance of 
  Child Dedication is given.
• The Pastor calls the parents and child forward and 
   introduces them.
• The name and meaning of the child's name is stated 
   and an appropriate verse is read.
• The parents are asked "Do you dedicate your child to the
   Lord and commit yourselves to raise him/her in the love 
   and nurture of Jesus?" 
• The certificate of dedication and a Bible are given to 
   the parents
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