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My Story

We think nothing of sharing the story of our day on Facebook.  We’re comfortable sharing the story of our week over the dinner table.  We enjoy sharing the story of our life with a new friend.  But what about sharing our “God story?”

We all have unique story of how God has impacted our lives…a story of hope, love, life, and grace…and perhaps even a story of our connection with Christ and the church.  It’s a story that needs to be shared.

Taking some lesson's from some of the Bible’s “God Story-tellers,” we’ll discover helpful ways of building relationships, engaging others, and telling our stories…telling your story.  Join us for Sunday morning worship at 10:00 for our next sermon series…“My Story.”

Service Times

Our Sunday worship service is the best place to start your journey with Rosewood. Each Sunday, our goal is to help you meet God personally with a dynamic worship experience that includes uplifting music and biblical teaching that is applicable for your everyday life.