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School Programs for children in Grades 1 through 8

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      Park Play offers Before and After School Care for children in grade 1 through grade 8 who attend school at either École St. Angela Merici School, MacNeill School, École Centennial Community School, St. Nicholas School and Plainview School and St. Kateri. Children are given the freedom to be kids in a safe and fun environment. Our semi-structured programming allows children the freedom to choose activities that they would like to do and that they enjoy.

      Children are able to spend time in:

      1. The Main Area: This area contains our activity cart. The activity cart contains board games, puzzles, building items (LEGO, K'Nex), basic crafts and colouring material. We also have some books that children may choose to read.

      2. The Gym / Outside: Children may choose to engage in a game that has been started, whether it is soccer or floor hockey. Children may also choose to engage in a smaller game such as Jackpot or Bump. Some children use the space to just run around and get some energy out. Children are supervised by a staff member and are encouraged to play fairly and to involve everyone who would like to play.

      3. The Craft Area: This is a place where creativity comes to life. We love to create, design and invent projects by using a variety of different craft supplies in this wonderful space.

      Our organized programming is divided into three portions:

      1. Creative Activities: Anything that requires supplies and challenges the children to think creatively. These activities could be any sort of craft, science or writing activity.

      2. Games: Activities that encourage movement and interaction between each of the children. Games may be played inside the gym or outside depending on the weather.

      3. Life and Social Skills: These are activities that reflect the value of community and foster the children's personal growth.

      Our Site

      Our main site is located on the premises of Rosewood Park Alliance Church, at the corner of Courtney St. & Whelan Dr. Our four-acre site includes play areas for outdoor activities, classrooms for homework assistance, and a gym for indoor games. We have air-conditioning for the warmer days and excellent heating for those colder days.

      Our Northwest sites are in both Plainsview School and St.Nicholas School in the new building. We are located on Mapleford Gate, just west of Courtney Street.

      Our South site is located in the heart of Harbour Landing at St Kateri School on James Hill Road.

      Our Staff

      Our staff participate in extensive training and are CPR/First Aid certified. Staff members are also required to submit a current Criminal Record Check. Your child will be in great hands!

  • AM - Before School
    (Monday - Friday)

    Parents drop-off children, semi-structured play

    Bus arrives to take children to school

    PM - After School
    (Monday to Friday)

    Arrival at site (time depending on site)
    When children arrive back at our sites; Snack is served

    Homework Assistance; Semi-Structured Play

    Children should be picked up by this time